Tips for Using a Penile Extender Device

Can the diameter, length and size of the penis be increased in men using penis extenders? To answer this question, you must say "yes" and "no". Follow us until the end of this article to reach the final answer.

In many people, identity and self-esteem go deep into a person's image of their genitals. People who feel uncomfortable compared to their mental ideal may experience low self-esteem. A normal man may find his penis too small and look to increase the diameter of his penis, or a woman may judge the appearance of as unpleasant. These feelings usually come from comparing yourself to pornographic photos or videos, engaging in mass media such as the Internet and satellite, or the opinion of a sexual partner or friend.

Increasing people's awareness has led to a growing demand for cosmetic genital surgery and uses of penis extenders. Today, with the use of new surgical techniques, there has been a significant improvement in cosmetic genital surgeries.

How to measure the length of the penis extender?
The length of the penis can be measured in both the relaxed penis extender and the erection. The length of the penis is measured from the junction of the penis to the pubic bone (pubis) to the tip of the penis in the stretched or erect position. When measuring, the penis should be perpendicular to the body. The length of the loose penis in the stretched position is closely related to the length of the penis in the erect position.

Does Penis Enlargement Work?
Most likely not, none of it works. The few approaches that can work often have mild benefits and but some serious side effects.

What is the size of a normal Penile Stretcher in men?
In a study of 150 Caucasians, the average erect Penile Stretcher size was 14.25 cm, of which 18 were less than 11.75 cm and 18 were above 15.75 cm. In this study, the circumference of the penis in the erect state was from 8.75 cm to 14.75 cm with an average of 11.75 cm.

In another study, the average length of the penis was 11 cm when stretched and 12.5 cm when erect.

You should know that penis length can vary based on race and Penile Stretcher, and just as each person's other physical characteristics are different from others, even their first-degree relatives, so comparing yourself to any other person in terms of penis size is also incorrect.

In general, the size of an Penile Stretcher penis in 70% of men is between 13 and 15 cm, and 30% of other men are more or less than this amount.

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